Our Story

farm workers from the 70s

The art of growing and roasting coffee has become an intricate part of the Lipsi family passed down from generation to generation. From working the fields, to running the farm, to roasting the beans ~ we've covered all the bases to be able to bring you the perfect cup time after time.

From Italy to the coffee plantations of Brazil to the eastern United States, the Lipsi family traversed the oceans along the way. The desire to be closer to relatives inspired the final permanent move to the south east. Now, the Lipsi family focuses on bringing a taste of their old home to the new.

Coffee Cabana brings the finest coffee from the heart of Brazil to the heart of our customers, allowing them to experience the true spirit of supremely roasted coffee.

old pictures from the coffee farm

old images of workers on the coffee farm

The art of harvesting coffee has been nearly perfected making Brazil the world’s leading coffee producer.